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Posters in Image Analysis for Microscopy

Through my PhD I had the wonderful opportunity of traveling to different countries to learn and to show my work. It was a very exciting time and I put all my skills in design to the test. In this post I want to share with you the posters I did and talk a little bit about them.

I do all my posters and figures in Inkscape, Blender and GIMP, all free and open source software for design that have all the same tools as private paid software. I also program a lot of the SVG figures using javascript and D3,

Exploratory analysis and visualization of in-situ sequencing data

TissUUmaps a tool to explore millions of points of in-situ sequencing data directly on top of the tissue. Offline or online, with documentation, you can use the browser console to analyze using javascript or simply use the GUI. Presented in EMBL – Seeing is believing as a lightning talk and in Janelia’s Women in Computational Biology conference in the U.S.

Learning from the interaction of gene expression, protein expression and tissue morphology, to make better decision about cancer treatment

In the group where I worked we are very interested in combining different sources of information and use spatial information to analyze and visualize biological phenomena. Presented at a Deep Learning workshop at the Center for Systems Biology in Dresden.

Quality Assurance and Local Regions for Whole Slide Image Registration

When trying to align WSI it is hard to evaluate and also to find out relevant locations. This poster shows how I approach this problem and gives some fun facts about WSI. I presented it in the European Congress of Digital Pathology.

I’m going to Sweden

The importance of being kind. When I was doing my master in Colombia I met a wonderful slovakian girl that was coming from Uppsala University for an internship in our group and I jumped at the possibility of helping her out in the beast of a city that is Bogotá.

She had always wanted to go to Latin America, she’s quite the explorer. Due to a series of interesting and dangerous and events (invite me to coffee if you want to know the story), her supervisor encouraged her to go to our university where I would meet her.

We bonded and worked together about medical image analysis and life in general and when she went back I was left with sadness in my heart and a hope that she would contact me if any interesting opportunity opened in Uppsala.

A year passed and such an event happened! She sent an opportunity my way! A job that has “my name written on it” meaning it’s just right for me.

I have been interviewed and accepted and everything is ready. I will start my PhD in computerized image processing at Uppsala University!

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