(v) Also known as cassava. it’s a starchy tuberous root, a major source of carbohydrates.


(v) Cooking banana, or plantain, fritters. This is not the fruit it’s another starchy green banana that is good to fry.


(v) Rice. Need I say more?


Empanadas are mea and potato filled, corn flour fritters,



Ajiaco, my favorite. Chicken and potato soup, but not just any potato but “papa criolla” andean potato and other types of potatos and herbs. Served with corn, rica, avocado, capers and cream.

Bandeja paisa

For the hungry, bandeja paisa is a big dish with beans, meat, pork belly, sausage, egg, patacones, avocado and a little arepa (corn dough pastry)

Pescado frito

Whole fish, fried, with rice and patacones on the side, with a salad.

Chuleta de cerdo

Batter breaded pork.

Cazuela de mariscos

Sea-food stew. Shrimp, oysters and fish bits, tomato and onions

Lomo salteado

Beef with tomato and onions, rice and potatoes.


Typical Colombian soda

Aguardiente (lit. firewater) it’s like a schnapps but made of anis. Can only be bought by small cups

They have a few beers, wines and other sodas, that are not Colombian but you can get them anyways 🙂 these don’t have to be preordered