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Memories of the thesis defense day

The day is May 12th 2021. Location: The magnificent Universitetshuset or main university building at Uppsala University, a place where Nobel price winners and nominees gather to have dinner and discuss.

Universitetshuset – Image by University Press

Due to the world situation with COVID, only 8 people are allowed in the auditorium, but it’s enough to make me feel happy and supported.

The speaker stand is adorned by a beautiful golden emblem of the university and this time it was my time to speak. I feel important!

Here is a video of my presentation. If you want to read the thesis you can find it here.

Image Processing, Machine Learning and Visualization for Tissue Analysis – Pop science presentation at Sal IX, Universitetshuset, Uppsala University

The whole event lasted some 5 hours, but I can only share publicly my part of the presentation.

I received very good and detailed questions and debate about my work which is always encouraging so I am very thankful to the opponent and the committee.

After a closed door deliberation, committee member, Prof. Anna Kreshuk announced that they were pleased with my answers and that they agreed I should be granted my title of Teknologie doktor (Doctor of Philosophy in English).

My supervisor Carolina Wählby had many surprises for me! Along with my boyfriend and friends and colleagues I received much love, many gifts and flowers and we enjoyed a fun moment playing a quiz about me! It was really funny and had many tricky questions!

Summer started the very same day and in the end a few of us had a corona-safe picnic right in front of Universitetshuset. It was a perfect day! Quite the fairy tale finish!

One of the gifts included a driving lesson gift card, so I guess that now I really have to learn. So many adventures to come! I look forward to whatever comes my way!


Invitation to thesis defense


Posters in Image Analysis for Microscopy


  1. Jan Bacca

    It was the end, but every end is a new beginning!

    Congratulations again. I’m very impressed and very proud to see one of our alumni going so far!

    So happy I had a chance to see this, even if it wasn´t live.


    Felicitaciones, nos llenas de orgullo y admiración por tus logros alcanzados con sacrificio y esfuerzos, muy bonito resumen de tu valiosa y consagrada trayectoria de vida y estudios, eres una hija maravillosa merecedora del titulo del Doctorado. Luchaste contra todas las adversidades cumpliendo el sueño de tu vida, siempre tendrás el apoyo de tus padres. Te queremos mucho, tus padres.

  3. Graciela

    Mi nieta linda conseguiste tu título de doctorado con esfuerzo y valentia, y desde niña demostraste ser muy luchadora y perseverante con un talento especial y deseos por cumplir tus ideales a los que nunca renunciase por difíciles que fueran de alcanzar. Eres un orgullos, un fuerte abrazo con cariño.

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