The importance of being kind. When I was doing my master in Colombia I met a wonderful slovakian girl that was coming from Uppsala University for an internship in our group and I jumped at the possibility of helping her out in the beast of a city that is Bogot√°.

She had always wanted to go to Latin America, she’s quite the explorer. Due to a series of interesting and dangerous and events (invite me to coffee if you want to know the story), her supervisor encouraged her to go to our university where I would meet her.

We bonded and worked together about medical image analysis and life in general and when she went back I was left with sadness in my heart and a hope that she would contact me if any interesting opportunity opened in Uppsala.

A year passed and such an event happened! She sent an opportunity my way! A job that has “my name written on it” meaning it’s just right for me.

I have been interviewed and accepted and everything is ready. I will start my PhD in computerized image processing at Uppsala University!